The largest and most famous is Paradise Beach, 1.5 km long. The most important tourist facilities are situated along this beach. In 2003. the beach got the “Blue Flag”, an international symbol of quality and preservation of environment and safety of bathers. Apart from the tourists who come to Lopar, many tourists from the island of Rab and from other near-by islands come to enjoy the beauties of the Paradise Beach.

Not far from the Paradise Beach is the beautiful beach Livačina. Under the shade of the pine trees, you can enjoy one of the restaurants and bars which offer food and refreshment for the swimmers and a large selection of props you can use at the beach.
If you prefer a more intimate atmosphere and if you want to enjoy your peace on beaches with fewer swimmers, you should continue towards other picturesque coves along the coast of Lopar. All the coves are surrounded by picturesque and pristine landscape – God-given nature. Visitors are sure to fall head over heels in love with Lopar’s beautiful nature.

Sahara: The most famous clothes-optional beach in Lopar. It is located not far from the Paradise Beach, but far enough to enable you to get away from everyday routines. Tak a 30-minute walk on marked trails and find yourself enjoying the unique view and landscape. This is a sandy beach surrounded by shrubs, and there is even some shade to be found if you need it.
There are no facilities for the tourists on the beach so take everything you need with you.


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