Lopar is a tourist place on the island of Rab, 12 km away from the old town of Rab. The place is known for its exceptional natural beauty and picturesque sandy beaches along the highly indented coastline.
The main economic activities of the local population include tourism, agriculture, stockbreeding and fishery.
Lopar is surrounded by numerous islands and islets, notably Goli otok, Grgur, Lukovac and Školjić.
A hundred years of tourist tradition in Lopar and significant investments into tourism, the island’s pristine nature and valuable cultural and historical heritage, as well as the many prizes the island of Lopar has been winning for years, are a guarantee of a supreme quality vacation. In 2003, Lopar was awarded the “Blue Sail” award, awarded to the best small town in the Kvarner region. In year 2011 Lopar won “Blue flower”for best small touristic place in region and special award for the best beaches offer in Croatia.


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